Fairford Planning Watch


Fairford Planning Watch (FPW) is an independent group of local residents which has been formed in response to the recent proposals for large scale housing developments in Fairford.

The aim of FPW is to monitor new planning developments in the town and to work with Fairford Town Council and other organisations, to ensure any new planning applications are appropriate and sustainable, and that there is adequate infrastructure in place before any new developments are allowed.

Fairford Planning Watch does NOT object to new developments in Fairford, but they need to be suitable, sustainable and within the capacity of the existing infrastructure.

In Gloucestershire, Fairford is one of the towns particularly at risk from speculative development as the Cotswold District Council’s (CDC) ‘Emerging Local Plan’ is not expected to be adopted until 2014-’15, at the earliest. This risk has now (July 2013) become a reality with a formal planning application for another 120 houses on Cirencester Road and a proposed development at Fairford Football Club for another 100+ homes.

These new developments would be in addition to the 171 new houses now being built on Pip’s Field, Cirencester Road, Fairford and the 59 holiday homes (pavilions) to be erected on the lakes immediately East of Fairford. Over 100 families are already in residence at the Fairford Air Base, many of who use Fairford’s roads, schools, surgery and other amenities.